Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Torta al Testo, An Umbria Delicacy

Torta al Testo is a habitual flat bread from Umbria made with water, flour, salt and bicarbonate of soda. The appellation “testo”, or head, refers to a big level stone on top of which the bread is baked.
There are many eateries in Umbria that dish up Torta al Testo together with fillings like ham, sausage, grilled vegetables and cheese. If you like you can consider it as an Umbrian variety of fast food. I stopped at an eatery on the south-east part of Lake Trasimeno just yesterday and ordered this yummy torta al testo filled with eggplant and sausage, not a bad eating for just 3.80 Euros!

Search for Torta al Testo whilst you vacation in Umbria, this charming section of Italy has magnificent landscapes of forested hills, hilltop villages, vineyards, castles, olive groves and Italy’s fourth biggest lake, the Trasimeno. It furthermore makes for a supreme base to travel around this prominent Italian territory; most of the foremost intellectual sights of central Italy can be enjoyed on day trips from this area.