Friday, March 18, 2011

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A new property, Hotel Italia is listed on and as usual it is an excellent place with great reviews and prices.

The building, thanks to its antique location, reflects the sophistication of the hotel's surroundings.
The hotel, in addition, features a more contemporary part keeping the level of elegance of the property unchanged.

It includes 37 bedrooms, 7 of which are suites, equipped including every modern comfort:
air conditioning, fridge bar, hot tub, sat TV, free Internet connection, phone with fax, and complimentary parking for all customers.

The structure was an ancient residence endowed to aristocratic families.
During the 19th century the rooms now adopted for the restaurant used to be the house of the Antonietti family along with Colomba, a brave woman of the Italian Risorgimento period who battled and lost her life in the strive for a unified Italy.

The hotel nowadays is a one-of-a-kind sample which has been wholly renovated to its former grandeur, returning to its dignified status, inside the historic center of Foligno, servicing class in addition to a hospitable reception from the management.

Tradition Rooms
The hospitable character of the traditional furniture, golden shades along with touches of amethyst and turquoise, take you in the past to the era whilst the edifice used to be visited by Perugino during a moment of art, mysticism, history and nature.

Refinement Rooms
Drapes and curtains, excellently styled in drapery, lovely furniture in absolute concord with the context, providing a sumptuousness which adds to the vast selection of enriching estates which the municipality has.

Modernity Rooms
Spacey rooms, elemental and linear design, and stylish decorations differentiate these rooms. Unique furniture designed with just comfort and stylishness in mind, provided only by the utmost excellence of materials.

The dining room displays an Old-World flair, delicately furnished, the walls and flooring having been totally returned to their past majesty, giving you the feel of stepping back in time as you enter the room.
The kitchen tenders freshly prepared Umbrian delicacies and mouth-watering desserts. The wine cellar tenders an excellent variety of vintages both from the surrounding lands and national and worldwide varieties.

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