Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to Plan a Wedding in Umbria

Planning a wedding in Umbria is excellent choice. Wedding planners in Umbria are extremely professional and are specialized to arrange all the services for Catholic or Civil Weddings. Umbria is a peninsula in Italy that is landlocked. It does not have a coastline or a common land border with any of the countries. This region is named after the Umbri tribe which was an ancient local tribe gradually absorbed into the Greek culture. Some of the areas in this region are relatively uninhabited. Some areas are developed due to agriculture and industrial development due to which there are plenty of foreign immigrants living in this region along with the locals. As of now it is divided into two provinces- Perugia and Terni.

This place is abundant in natural resources, urban development, historic structures, castles and churches and yet is cost effective compared to the USA. Hence, you can check with the wedding planners through the ones available on websites or through your references and friends.
They provide you good service even if you want a wedding with just 10 guests or 200 guests.
There are wonderful, luxurious villas right in the heart of Umbria where you can stay for a few days before your wedding. They have exotic outdoor locations and delicious Italian cuisine.
If a couple wants a civil ceremony along with a reception, they can get married in town halls in historical structures wherein there are in-house services available.
They provide services for accommodation, chapel services, florists, musicians, garden venues, decorations and arrangements, food and drinks, photographer and all other services required for a dream wedding.

Most people seem to have got a good experience and are more than satisfied with their service. They can have a lavish, memorable wedding and can directly head to their honeymoon. Instead of looking after all the arrangements, they can relax and enjoy their wedding as they all have to plan is their budget.

A wedding ceremony could be held in an ancient private chapel with beautiful, lit candles and d├ęcor. Here you can complete all the legal formalities and the religious rituals with blessings.
Umbria is a preferred venue not only because of the costs but also due to their services, greenery, exotic locations and historical monuments. It is called the Green Heart of Italy.
There are various privately owned farmhouses that are rented for staying and enjoying an extended holiday. There are guided tours and transport availability to the airports and train stations. If you plan an extended holiday you can enjoy the local ethos, local market trips, festivals, learning local cuisine and much more in your budget.

If you want a wedding that is stress free and in a different yet exotic location, getting married in Umbria is a good option. There you have many wedding planners who give good service without extra costs of consultation. You just need to mail them your details, budget and requirements. They would send you the details about the location, food and other services according to your budget.