Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Umbria Restaurant "L'Oca Bruciata"

Today I want to talk about the Umbria restaurant where I went to eat about two months ago with my friends from Paciano. They brought me to this little tavern in town which I really loved. I get to talk about this only today because I finally could remember the name of the restaurant that made me laugh when I first heard it, and was able to locate the contact information and the address so you can find it too.
The name of the restaurant is "L'Oca Bruciata", that means the burnt duck, which somehow makes me laugh because you might think this is not the best name for an eatery.

Despite the name the place is really good with homemade cooking, delicious meats and vegetables that the owners personally cultivate in their vegetable garden. Umbria doesn't have an access to the sea, therefore you might think that here the culinary tradition for fish is not well developed. On the contrary, the Trasimeno Lake, which is the fourth largest lake in Italy, throughout the centuries has provided enough fish for the entire region to make possible that delicious lake fish recipes would be developed. So is the case of this Umbria restaurant, which in addition to game also specializes in lake fish recipes.

The cook is a woman called Rossana, who loves to personally choose the ingredients of her homemade cooking. Everything here is homemade. As I said the vegetables are cultivated in the garden of the owners, pasta is also homemade and the pizza is cooked in the wood brick oven. In addition, the owners of this restaurant in Umbria really love fresh mushrooms of the Porcini kind and truffles. I personally had a first entry of fettuccine "Profumo di Bosco", or scents of the woods, a delicious combination of mushrooms and black truffles lightly mixed with cream. It was delicious!

The ambient is very pleasant and familial, quite typical of a rustic restaurant in Umbria, with the service that loves to keep things simple, straightforward and efficient, never forgetting to smile at your request. We had the wine of the house, and it was quite good, I believe it was a Sagrantino.

The restaurant is located in the province of Perugia, in the town of Paciano. The exact address is Viale Roma 7c, and the phone number is +390758307008. You will find the restaurant closed on Mondays and during the entire month of February.