Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trasimeno Lake in May

During a lazy Sunday afternoon I didn't know what to do and I called some Australian friends of mine in Spello and I departed from Perugia to go and meet them in Castiglion del Lago near the Trasimeno Lake. It was the very first extremely hot Sunday in Umbria and it was very nice and pleasant to be by the lake where the breeze sweeps the water surface and cools off your body even though you are in the sun. Plus there is a very long promenade and a long narrow beach to swim in the lake. People were actually sun tanning and kids were playing everywhere on the large lawn in front of the bars and cocktail places.

We parked the car about 10 minutes from what is perhaps the most hip stretch of bars in Castiglion del Lago.There were cars everywhere but it was nice to be there during this nice afternoon. After a long winter, all this green, blue, and yellow make you feel better.
We started walking along the promenade and we saw a nice bar there with live music, so we stopped to get a milkshake and an ice cream. It was just so nice to be outside, that we didn't care about doing anything special. There were kids running everywhere and the view of the Trasimeno Lake was just stunning, with one of its islands in clear sight. I'd love to go there sometime! There are cruises on the lake that take you there. The lake is just so big! It is the fourth largest lake in Italy, and the wind makes the water moved looking like the sea.

After the milkshake we kept on walking a bit and it was funny when one of us joked about not turning back but just walking all the way around the lake. The funny thing was that a friend of mine actually said "why not! Let's do it!" and she was very serious. We started laughing quite hard as she certainly hadn't understood how big the lake Trasimeno is.

Here are some pictures of the day I hope you like them!