Friday, April 22, 2011

Colored Skies of Umbria

The 2011 edition of "Coloriamo i Cieli", meaning let's color the skies, will be starting in Castiglion del Lago in Umbria on April 28 and will continue until May 1st. It is a very lively event that includes all sorts of things related to flying, and even some more.

The spirit of the event is the kite. This simple game for children, yet a powerful symbol of freedom, is the inspiration of the festival. Kites and hot-air balloons from all over the world are invited. In a great field near Castiglion del Lago, on the Trasimeno lake, you will assist to spectacular and colorful events that will make you feel as light as a...kite (pun unintended, it came as I was writing it)!

Besides the main flying events, there will be exhibits on kites and their history, gastronomic stands, guided visits of antique palaces in town, and special kids corners. Everyday from 10 am until 7 pm there will be activities dedicated to children teaching them about the environment, how to build a kite, and organizing outdoor games.

Trekking and biking will also be organized for participants of all ages. Each days there will be various routes to travel on mountain bikes. The trails are all in nature on the territories around the lake. Birdwatching and guided nature walks are also in program. Contact the event organizers at +39 338 7909958 for more info and to subscribe to specific activities.

The location of the event is the Eleuteri airport, also known as the Trasimeno Lake park. Get more info reading the program here.


Castiglione del Lago in Umbria, by The Trasimeno | Experience Umbria said...

[...] del Lago is famous for the “Let’s Color the Sky” event that takes place here every two years. It is a gathering of hot hair balloon and kite [...]